The aim of both books and training courses is to make Six Sigma statistical methodology accessible to everybody and to give more experienced users a deeper understanding of the subject. The Books have been specifically designed to teach the test procedures quickly and efficiently. They have been designed for numerical professionals  so that they can conduct process improvement through problem solving and data analysis. To achieve this goal they teach a some statistical theory. However, the small amount of statistical theory that is taught never overwhelms the primary goal.

Both books use example based learning where the user can work through the examples at their own pace and be re-assured by the many screen-shots that they will see in each book. The user can then try the exercises and in both cases check they have achieved the same result as the model answer.

The books have been deliberately designed to be large books so that the supporting text can be read along side the screen-shots, which are a readable size.

Problem Solving and Data Analysis

This book teaches users up to the level of Six Sigma Black Belt. It is the first book written by Author Rehman Khan and is published by Wiley. It teaches the core tools used by Six Sigma Practitioners and teaches both the classic methods and Minitabs Assistant. The exercises and examples use Minitab 15 and 16.

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Six Sigma Statistics using Minitab 17.

As the titles suggest this is a book which is focused around the needs of Green Belts using Minitab 17. As it is for Green Belts and beginners it focuses primarily on showing how the Assistant can be used for the core Six Sigma DMAIC statistical toolset. It has an all new example and exercise data set.

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